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Wednesday, November 17, 2010


I don't like to blacklist people . I tried my best to be a responsible and understanding owner , but , you forced me to do this.

Name : Claudia
HP No. : 91544674

Reason : She ordered a novel , The Perfect Story from me on 11/11 , the first day of my closing down sale . She wanted to meet up at 16/11 (last day of my sale) even though i prefered to meet up on an earlier date . Still , i agreed to it and we CONFIRMED meeting up at Kallang MRT at 4.30pm . There were people interested in this novel too but I rejected them , telling them that i already confirmed order for the book .
On 16/11 , i sms-ed at 3,30pm reminding her that we have a meetup in 1 hour time . She didnt reply but i didnt thought too much of it as some people don't reply this kind of message . At about 4.20 , i told her i might be a few minutes late as i just missed a train . After i got on the train and reached Bugis Staion , i recieved a message from her saying that i told her last minute and she cant make it . I was very angry as I stayed at Marsiling and took the about 1hr journey train ride to her convinience even though only bought 1 book . At least tell me earlier when i sent her the reminder message so i dont need to waste my time and money . So , i asked her if she was still interested in the book and she said yes .
So , i decided to give her a chance and arrange another meetup . I wanted to meet up on 17/11 as that was the date i stated on my blog that all orders have to be collected by then . She said she couldnt make it , can only on thursday . So , i gave in . I wanted her to meet up at my convinience but I understand that it might be too far for her (even though it is as far for me) She told me 3pm at Kallang MRT but i said I cannot as i have to meet up with my supplier and told her 1pm is the latest . Then , she said she cannot and didnt reply my msg(s) . So , for her sake , i changed my timing with my supplier and told her latest is 2.40pm at Kallang MRT . '
On 17/11 night , I sms-ed her and reminded her the meetup .
And today , 18/11, i smsed her 1 and a half hour before the meetup to remind her and she said she just woke up and cant make it . Her exact reply was , "Sorry justwoke I don think o cab make ittday" . I told her have to meetup by today or else i have to blacklist her . She just said she cant .
Firstly , im meeting up at HER convinience even though she only bought 1 book , and she made me wasted a trip . Going to Kallang and back home made me wasted about 2hours and my travelling fare .
Secondly , I rejected other people because she ordered it first and now , she's not buying anymore .
Thirdly , we confirmed meetup timing and everything on 11/11 but when i reminded her of th meetup on 16/11 , she said i last minute tell , cannot make it , and it sounds like my fault . BUT , the timing and location is she choose and confirmed in the first place .
Fourthly , I sms-ed her 1 and a half hour before the meetup . She said she just woke up and cannot make it . Cant she just prepare and go to the mrt straight away ? And , im meeting at her convinience , so it shouldnt be too far for her . If she knew that we have a meetup today , her time should be free around that time and can go to the mrt . Its not like i told her 5minutes before the destinated time .

So , before i close down and everything , you shall be my first blacklist , and i hope , my last one . If i ever open another blogshop , your name will also appear at the other blogshop . To remove your blacklist , please pay me the travelling fares and an additional $5 for wasting my time and turning down other customers . Thankyou . (:
[7:47 PM]

Wednesday, November 10, 2010



All orders are accepted (even orders on 17 Nov) if able to meet up by Wednesday , 17 November .

Price are slashed .
Limited stocks left .

BOOK 1 - 7 at $12.50 each

BOOK 8 (The Perfect Story) at $13.20 each

Buy at least 3 books and qet a special price ~

Book 1 - 7 at only $12 each
Book 8 (The Perfect Story) at only $13 each

Get your friends to buy with you to enjoy cheaper prices !

Current stocks up for grab :

4 Destiny Cries
1 I Believe You
2 You Are Here
2 Journey
1 A Photogenic Life
1 To Forget You
0 Lilith *Out of stock*
1 The Perfect Story

Confirmed Orders :

Claudia ($13.20 + $2.50 = $15.70)
1 The Perfect Story

Sold (durinq closing down sale) :

1 I Believe You
1 Journey
1 A Photogenic Life
4 To forget You
3 Lilith
1 The Perfect Story

Total number of books currently : 11 (avaliable) + 1 (confirmed) = 12
[3:45 AM]

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Navigations on the left :D
[2:57 AM]



To create a convincing story, the writer has to detach himself from the real world.

The process of writing an outstanding story is frightening. In fact, frightening is too mild a word. Obsession would be an understatement as well. The accurate words to express the process will be severance. The writer severs all ties with reality and becomes a new person.

He talks to imaginary people. He act out imaginary scenes. He walk in the dark to feel the fear. He cut his hand to feel the character's pain. He experince the full flurry of emotions that the characters feel.

He live a solidarity life and teeters on the edge of sanity.

He grows up with the story. His only friends are the characters. His only foes are the characters. His only respite is to write the last word of the story.

Often, the writing reaches a stage where it possesses the writer's entire being; scenes are constructed from his memories; the story becomes part of his life. He no longer writes the story; he lives in it.

All these sacrifices just to fufil one desire. To write the Perfect Story.


Unlike any of his previous novels, it is a psychological thriller, touching on human manipulatioin and deception. Are we in control of our lifes of are our lives being controlled by others ?


Read the first 16 chapters of the book at the following link FREE !


[2:37 AM]

Saturday, July 31, 2010


18 10 2010 ~ 20 10 2010 Will be MIA due to qoinq overseas .
25 10 2010 Collected more instocks(:
26 10 2010 Started selling The Perfect Story
10 11 2010 Closing Down Sale starts
17 11 2010 All stocks to be collected .


Look at CLOSING DOWN SALE post (:
[9:51 AM]

Friday, July 2, 2010


There are only currently only two shops in Sinagpore & they are selling at $15. 90 !

We sell much cheaper ..

And rest assured , all are brand new , first hand & in good condition !

Book 1 - Book 7 FOR ONLY $13.50!!

Book 8 {The Perfect Story} FOR ONLY $14

SMS to 9661 4563 for faster replies !! :)


Leave a message in the CBox (Please leave behind contact number or email. (: )


Email to th-shininqstar@hotmail.com

What are you waiting for ?! Come NOW !
You will regret if you miss it !!

Suppy Rates

$12.20/book* . No caps . (:

$11.90 /book* . Caps @ 3

*The Perfect Story is not included.

The Perfect Story
$13/book . Caps @ 3 (Can mix cappings)

$13.50/book . No caps (:

[5:55 AM]

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Name : LowKayHwa
Year of birth : 1985
Schools : Boon Lay Primary School ; HongKah Secondary School
Information ~
Youngest & most prolific novelist in Singapore. Between 2004 ~ 2008 . He written 6 novels, averaging more than 1 book per year .
Born in 1985 with a Diploma in Building & Property Management from Singapore Polytechnic. he started writing since he was very young, and sent out manuscripts to publishly since he was 13 .

In 2004, he published his first book , Destiny Cries . In 2005 , he published another novel , I Believe You , under his then newly established press, Goody Books . the nook received good responses and was sold out of 2006 . In 2006 , he written another 2 books, You Are Here & Journey . His fifth book, A Photogenic Life, was published in July 2007 . His Sixth Book, To forget you was launched in September 2008 to raving sales .
His latest novel , Lilith , was published in September 2009 .
The younger son of a factory operator and newspaper vendor, he has an elder brother who is an undergraduate at NTU .
He lives in a HDB flat in Jurong West with his parents & brother .
[6:45 AM]


Font size

In the Oxford School Dictionary, 'Justice' is defined as 'being just; fair treatment'


In my dictionary, Justice is not about giving that terrorist the deat sentence.
In my dictionary, Justice is not about jailing that rapist .
In my dictionarty, Justice is not about punishing the boy who bullied the girl .

In my dictionary, Justice is about fighting for yourself: Just yourself .
In my world, Lady Justice doesnt do her job, I do her job.

If I am born as a deer, I will hunt and kill tigers.
If I am born into a poor family, I will rob the wealthy of their riches.
If I am born without legs, I will breal everyone's legs.
If I am born hearing impaired, I will slice off everyone's ears .

That is Justice

My name is Lilith Ng and I am HIV-positive .

Random Info (:

-He was writing another story when this idea struck to him , he liked it so much that he put on hold the story he was writing and started on 'Lilith'

-Except for the plot , the first draft and last draft was entirely different .

-He wanted to launch his book in July but had a new idea for Derrick , one of the main character , hence he rewrote almost everything for the character and pushed his launch date to September .

-The story was supposed to focus on the cat and mouse chase between Lilith & Derrick , but after reading up on Lilith , the first woman on Earth , he changed the focus to the dark and disturbing side of justice .

-This book also went through a lot of title changes . From "Predation" to "Lady Justice" then to
"Justice" and last but not least , "Lilith"

-He wrote the story when he was in NS , and the unfairness he faced during the service term that gave him the drive to write the emotions in the scene .

-50% of the research he did was not used as the story changed a lot .

-He cancelled a number of scenes due to organisations he emailed was often diverted to other organisations .

-He hesitated on contacting a HIV-positive person for research , but decided against it . He just used his imagination . This just prove the fear everyone has , yet dare not admit .

-In order to get the mood of the main character , he hated everyone he saw , suppressed all his emotionss for a few days. He had a lot of quarrels those few days and almost got in a few fights .

-After doing research on dyslexia , he realised he himself is also a mild dyslexic .

-The promotional poster of this novel was so dark & disturbing that people dare not place it in ther bedroom .

-He put in so much effort in this book that the publicity budget for this book was five times of his last books .

-The font used in Derrick's narration is Lexia Readable , a font designed for dyslexics .


Unlike Low Kay Hwa's other novels , this disturbing novels will send chills up reader's spines psychologically. His seventh novel is a dark story about a woman who is addicted to seducing men in order to spread HIV . Be prepared to dive in the darkest realm of human nature with this novel .


Read the preview from the following link !

[6:32 AM]



Before I met you, I wondered why all the lyrics in love songs were so exaggerated : Why do lyricists create such mushy and overemotional sentences ? Why can't they just write a good melody without those melodramatic lyrics ? That is plain exarggeration.

Before I fell in love with you , i thought romance novels were just so silly : Why would a person cry for another person for hours ? How could a person wait for his lover for years ? That is plain silliness.

Before we became a couple, i though romance movies were just so stupid : How could a person love another person so deeply that it became an obsession ? How could one sacrifice so much, even to the extent of his own life, for his lover ? That is so plain stupidity .

When I realized I had fallen so deeply in love with you, I finally understood that songs, novels and movies are just reflections of life inspired by the writer's true stories .

Because when I decided to end our relationship, I realized our story mirrors a love song that U once heard, a novel you once read and a movei you once watched .

Random Info (:

-The first draft was more than 300 pages , he cut down a lot of scenes after the 3rd draft .

-The title changed a lot , from, "Our Fragments" to "Remembering You" , then to "Our Memories" , as well as , "Our Story" , and finally , "To forget you"

-He changed the name of the main characters a few times .

-The initial idea of the story was not that complicated , but he changed it after a new idea struck him . And with that . he re-wrote another 20 over pages .

-He scoured all the major locations before writing this novel .

-To write the final scene effectively , he borrowed his friend's bike , and zoomed at high speed on an empty road .

-The NTUC Fairprice where the male main character worked at , Boon Lay Shopping Centre , is a place where he worked temporary when he had just finished his O Levels . The pickpocket scene happened before , just that the thief was caught . And the reason the pickpockter gave was , "I took wrongly" .


A refreshing writing style with a bittersweet love story . It will send every reader into laughter and tears . A great novel for Low Kay Hwa die hard fans . Our advice is to prepare a few box of tissues , you will need it !


Read a preview of the story at the following link ~

[6:20 AM]


Dear diary,

Why must I always wear different masks wherever I go ?

I am so sick and tired of my life.

Who can help me tear away these masks of mine that are lingering in my skin ?

Why must I play the role of a strong daughter in front of my parents , a smart student in front of my teachers and a contented girl in front of my classmates ?

Why must I keep on telling everyone me that I am the best, by putting on the multiple masks of disguise for different people ?

This afternoon, I looked into the mirror and realized that I could no longer recognize myself.

My reflections was of a faceless girl, awaiting the next mask to be placed on.

Why are we trying to pose for the best posture for the camera, when we know we can never change reality ?

Random Info (:

-The titile was originally "Your footsteps : My journey", but was changed when he saw a Caucasian holding a big camera on the train .

-The storyline was changed a lot . Zinc was supposed to be Linda's boyfriend . And Serene's role was not so important .

-He liked writing the character , Tan Chew Ling so much that he had to cut off a number of scenes .

-He created a blog , email and friendster account for Tan Chew Ling but gave up after it was too hard to maintain . He had written almost 80% of the blog .

-Lim Chew Ling is the name of another crush he had in primary school .

-The "holy" animals that Tan Chew Ling exclaimed , from the start to the end of the story , are in alphabetical order .

-To understand the pain of self mutilation , he cut himself lightly on the arm.

-Once , he imagined himself as Serene , one of the character , he almost lost control and hated people around him for a day .

-When he called up one of the help lines for teenage mothers , the person did not wanted to help him , and instead tried to get him to put their organization name & number for free advertisement . That person even talked in a tone that sounded like he needed help .


A disturbing and remarkable story about a single teenage mother, let Low Kay Hwa bring you into this cruel world which will set you to ponder about your own life . A touching story which is guranteed to make you tear after you finish the novel .


Read the first twenty chapters now at the following link ~
[6:08 AM]



When i was ten, my mother called me "ah girl" and i had always responded to her. When I was fifteen, my mother called me "ah girl" in front of my classmates and i scolded her. When I was twenty, my mother still called my "ah girl" aloud and I ignored her completely. I know that , from her point of view, no matter how old I am , I will always be the "ah girl" who calls her "mama".

From my point of view, my mother is just an old woman in the house who lives with me. Her responsibilities are to make breakfast for me in the morning, give me money to spend in the day, do the laundry in the evening and switching off lights at night. For all those things that she did, she will have the authority to scold or ground me.

Until one day, she calls me and says, "Ah girl, I've got cancer. I may die within the next six months."

That is when i realize that my mother is more than that.

Random Info (:

-His main objective of this story is to tell young adults that a lot of times , we took our mother for granted , which is what he did too .

-Although he had written many tragic story before this novel , this was the first story he shed tears while visualizing the storyboard.

-He spent more time doing research than writing this novel .

-He got the idea of Elle's mother signature word , idiot , when his MP3 player ran out of battery in the train . A mother beside him kept telling her daughter , "your sister is an idiot"

-The doctor whom he interviewed was very kind to him , offering a lot of information to him , and even seeing him to the shuttle bus service without any airs at all . This made him respect doctors a lot more .

-In order to know more about woman's make up & stuff , he consulted his female friends and window-shopped at the cosmetic department at a departmental store .

Journey tells a story about a simple relationship between a daughter and her mother. This story will reflect what everyone has been through: A love-hate between a child and parents . A touching story that will make you tear after you read .


Read the first twelve chapters of this book at the following link !

[5:56 AM]



Zhou Jie Lun has everything in his life : He has a stable career, a loving girlfriend and a good life ahead . However, when he encounters his teenage first love, Lara Wu, in a coincidental meeting, his life changed .

He falls in love with Lara again and their romance blossoms. Just when they think their romance is a testimonial that a love story can be a simple "boy meets girl, boy falls in love with girl and they live happily ever after", Lara starts to act strangely. Her mindset begins to dhrink younger every two weeks: At twenty two years old , she cries for burgers and plays with Hello Kitty soft toys.

Jie Lun has to make a choice: Either to abandon her and live happily ever after with another girl, or to stay with her and live in despair ever after. How far will his love for Lara stretch ? Till the end of time, or till the end of his patience ?

Random Info (:

-There's a melody to the song he composed , You Are Here .

-He wrote 90% of this on the school computer as he had yet to buy a new computer then .

-He had to re-write two chapters as the thumbdrive was corrupted when he went home to transfer the writings from school to his computer . They turned out better .

-In order to know what the Ez-Link Reader will show when an Ez-Link card is out of value, he boarded a few buses with a no-value Ez-Link Card, and exit while trying to memorize the words on the Ez-Link Reader. One of the bus drivers even asked him to just board in, when his Ez-Link Card was out of value.

-To write the scene whereby the main character, lara, is hit by a car, he jay-walked many times during peak hours to feel the rush of cars near him.

-He got the idea of a girl shrinking in age when he was writing the following sentence in I Believe You. "If I had one of the abilities of God, I would have chosen to relive my past, and slowly, tenderly, treasuring every single hour, minute, second with you"


Low Kay Hwa's third novel , You Are Here , tells a bittersweet love story between a guy and a mentally retard girl . Their 15 year old love story will touch everyone's heart .It has gone through four prints in just three years !


Read the first sixteen chapters of the book in the following link now ! :)


[5:42 AM]



Joanna Fung is the envy among many girls : She studies at a top Junior College, has a girl-next-door look and has good results . However, deep in her heart , she holds a secret. She believes that she has a curse . She believes that every bad thing she said will come true .

Jacky Wu is an ideal prince charming. He is good in his studies and has girls waiting to hold his hands. He smiles every few minutes and often crack jokes. However, he too, holds a deep secret .

When their paths crossed , an unexpected love story takes place ...


One of the best books written by Low Kay Hwa . Many readers come running back for his books after reading I Believe You . Due to popular demand , the book is on it's 6th reprint in three years . A great feat in Singapore . So , what are you waiting for ? Buy now !

Random Info (:

-He listenend to the chinese/korean sonq , I BELIEVE while writinq this book .

-The title of this book was originally I BELIEVE .

-He got the main idea of writing this book while walking out of the bathroom .

-He wrote a biq part of the story while waiting for UEFA Champion League Soccer to start in the early morninq . (That means he written it durin 11pm - 2.30am )

-He re-wrote the last few chapters completely 3 times .

-The bus that took Joanna & Jacky to NJC was a real bus service . SBS Bus 157 .

-He didnt thought that this book will be such a great hit , therefore , there was a lot of grammer mistakes in the first print .

-He named the characters after his idols, Jacky Wu and Joanna Fang

-When he was writing the first draft , Landy was not an imaginary friend , it was after a few chapters that he though of this and altered the first few chapters .

-The hidden message is such a hit that many readers email him to ask for the solution. The answer is "I Love You" To solve the code, just take the first letter of each SMS that Jacky sent, or pluck out the capital letters when all the messages are placed together.

- The joke of "There was once a matchstick who scratched its head. Then it died." was told by his good friend during a chat, and he liked the joke so much that he included it into the story. After that, he received emails from the readers about the sequel of the popular joke, in which "the matchstick went to a hospital, and became a cotton bud after they bandaged its head".


Read the first five chapters of this book at the following link now !


*Highly recommended, esp. for first time readers . :)

[5:31 AM]



Destiny Wu, 23, has never believed in true love : She thinks true love is when a guy is willing to sacrifice everything for her. As she is about to end her life on that notion, she meets Alan Nah.

Alan Nah, 17, does not know what love is. He does not know how to love someone for he has never loved anyone before, until he meets Destiny .

When they fall in love, Alan loves how to love, and Destiny learns how to be loved.

Random Facts

-LowKayHwa was usinq a very old computer that could not play sound when he was writinq this story , therefore , in order to get in the mood of writinq , he listened to CDs from his old CD player .

-The original name of the main character was actually Zinc , which was changed after the first draft .

-The original name of the female character was actually Linda , it was also the name of a girl that he had a crush on during primary school .

-Alan is the name of his brother , a person whom he respected a lot .

-He thought the story was too melodramatic , and that's why he hesistated whether to reprint this book after it was first sold out .


Have you ever wondered how much will one sacrifice for his or her loved one ? Low Kay Hwa's debut novel , Destiny Cries , will tell you . A book that has many readers asking for it since it was sold out, be prepared for a good read !


You can read the first five chapters of the book in the following link ...


[4:55 AM]


Owner --> YiHui, 13
101% trustable
Opened since 01 07 2010 If interested, either ...
-Leave a message in CBox (Please leave email)
-SMS me at 9661 4563
-Email to th-shininqstar@Hotmail.com
Navigations below


NO Deadbuyers
-Must be easily contacted (Have handphone.)
-No last minute back out please. :)
-Meet-Up only
-Please inform 2hours beforehand if you wish to change the timing. :)
-No trades . Sorry .
-$1 surcharge for every 5minute late. :(
-Please bring exact amount. I might not have change . Thank You. :)


No advertisements only enquires ;D
Advertisement board below(:


Advertisements below(:

MeetUp Locations♥

All collection of items will be on Platform (except for Marsiling Mrt) UNLESS otherwise stated . (:
If you want me to tap out, an additional fee of $0.70 will be charged.
Marsiling - FOC !
Woodlands ~ Khatib - $0.50
Kranji ~ Bukit Gombak - $0.50
Bukit Batok ~ Jurong East - $0.80
Yio Chu Kang ~ Toa Payoh - $1.00
Lakeside ~ Dover - $1.00
Joo Koon ~ Boon Lay - $1.50
Buona Vista ~ Queenstown - $1.50
Novena ~ Somerset - $1.50
Redhill ~ Tanjong Pagar - $1.80
Raffles Place & City Hall - $2.00
Bugis ~ Kallang - $2.50

LRT stations

All collection of items will be on Platform (except for Choa Chu Kang) UNLESS otherwise stated . (:
Choa Chu Kang ~ Teck Whye - $1.50
Phoenix ~ Bukit Panjang - $1.80
Petir ~ Pending - $2
Senja ~ Jelapang - $2
Segar ~ Bangkit - $2.20

Shopping Malls

Jurong Point - $2.20
Lot 1 - $1.20
Causeway Point - $1
Pioneer Mall - $2.50
IMM - $1.50
West Mall - $1.50
Bujit Panjang Plaza - $2.50

Further places can be discussed but will be more expensive. (: Additional $1 on public holidays


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